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Our goal is to become the leading news supplement for people who are interested in non-critical news, not so interesting stories from the world and a bunch of celebrity stuff. Also, there will be a cultural section for those who are interested in such things.

Top Stories This Week:
flickr:89612160 BMX - Read about BMX and watch cool videos. By: Nils flickr:2971543312 Diet Tips - Get great diet tips and more. By: Katie Glimt
flickr:2880547533 Marius' Movie Corner - Read about great movies such as The Nightmare before Christmas and Batman in Marius' Movie Corner. By: Marius flickr:2844939849 J Rock - Read about J Rock By: Miyako. Check out other cool music genres at Music
flickr:2190574413 Games - Read and watch a great video of Call of Duty 4 By: Vegard flickr:2272240592 The Gazette - Read about the band and watch one of their music videos. By: Larry
flickr:2110795766 Antic Cafe - Read about Antic Cafe By: Kinji flickr:46320640 Weather Forecast - What will the weather be like? Check out See And Listen's Weather Forecast.
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