My name is Ann-Charloth Lundamo Eidesen and I am 38 years old.

My husband, Fredrik, and our family lives in the north Norway. We have been married for soonly 10 years and we have three kids together. We keep working with our house, and for a above three mounths it will be done. We're looking for it!
We live in a city called Tromsø in a quite big apartment. Our kids is Philip at 9 years, Vicktoria at 7 years and Anne at 3 years. Philip and Vicktoria are at school and Anne in kindergarden when we parents are at our jobs.

At my sparetime, I use to be whit my family and I also use to paint. I paint a lot of pictures, most pictures from the nature. Sometimes I use to sell my pictures and got a nice price for them. We get then a little bit more money.

I became to be an journalist because I have always liked to write. When I were young (for a few years ago) I used to write a lot of stories. Every kind of stories and interview. So no I am a journalist for this magazine; See&Listen.

Thank you for reading my articles and enjoy the rest of the time here on Wikidot.

See you later! :)

Here is my family, Fredrik, Philip, Vicktoria, Anne and me!

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