What is makeup actualy?
Just as you know, makeup is an very important thing for girls. In our world, it is impossible to see any teenagergirl or even a woman whitout makeup. Some of them use a lot, like foundatin, consealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, rouge and you name it, but some of them could use only a bit of mascara.
When girls are in the teenage most of them gets pimples. Most of them think that they have to hide it and use a lot of foundation and consealer, but the fact is that you get more impure skin and it looks very unreal.
Also old wimen use makeup, often to show of and hide their wrinkles.

Boys could also use makeup. They use often eyeliner and mascara. I think that it is much more nicer when girls use makeup than boys should use it.
I dont think that boys use makeup because they think it is nice, but to get more attention. What would you think if you met a boy whit a lot of makeup on, eyeliner around their eyes and only black horrible clothes? Maybe some of you would think that it is cool, but normal persons, like me, would maybe be a bit of shocked! Popstars use to put a lot of powder in their face just to look more brown.

Makeup could also be used of people who wants to get dressed up. If you are supose to go for a carneval, you really want to look like another person then yourself. Makeup is then very good. You could paint your eyes in a lot of different coloures, just like the picture down under.

In any case, I think that makeup is very nice and a smart invention. I use it by my self, but only mascara, eyeshadow and sometimes a bit of rouge.
Finally, I think that makeup is a good posibility to get our eyes up and look quit more awake. : )


Reporter: Ann-Charloth

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