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AN CAFÉ, is a Japanese Oshare Kei band formed in 2003 and signed to the independent label LOOP ASH. The band is composed of four members, all of whom are from the Kantō region of Japan.

Brief History
An Cafe was formed when Miku, Kanon and Bou found each other through an internet website while searching for people with similar interests. Teruki was not yet a part of the band, although they still released their first demo Oopu-ngu (Ope.ning) on June 17 2003. Not long after on July 2 2003 they released a second demo called Uzumaki Senshokutai/Hatsukoi. During this time Teruki was in his former band 'Feathers Blue' before meeting the other members and joining Antic Cafe. The line-up for the band has not changed since the bands start, and is Miku on vocals, Bou on guitar, Kanon on bass, and Teruki on drums. An Cafe's lyrics are written about daily life and love. The band started work under an indie label Loop Ash and released their first single Candyholic on March 24 2004. Later that year they also released several other singles called Hatsukoi, √69, Touhikairo and Cosmos. A big step for the band was playing their first oneman in May 2004. Since then they have played many live shows throughout Japan and are known for having fun and playing their own instruments. Their first mini-album debut Amedama Rock was released on February 23 2005 and featured 7 songs including their already well-known singles.

Band Name
On official sources the band name has been written in many different ways. The most consistent has been antikku -kōhīten-, which appears on all releases and on the official website.
The band’s original official website had the name written as antikku Café , but the COSMOS single (released in 2004) had the name written as "ANTIC CAFE". All releases since then have had the name written as "AN CAFE" Due to the amount of material released containing this version of the name it seems as though this is now the preferred choice

Musical Style
Antic Café is a typical Oshare Kei band. They look colourful, cute and boyish (or girlish). Their music doesn’t always match with their image, because next to upbeat, poppy rock songs they also produce heavier songs.
An Café’s material ranges from fast rock songs with screaming vocals and catchy choruses, for example 3p’, Candyholic, etc, to cute pop-like songs about love such as Hatsukoi, Smile Ichiban ii Onna, etc.

2. √69
4. karakuri hitei
5. tekesuta kousen ~kurayami o terasu hikari wa houseki no youni~
6. ESCAPISM ~amai MILK o sutta kohitsuji-chan~
7. MERRYMAKING ~dekoboko na mainichi to, aikawarazu na bokura~
9. BondS ~kizuna~
10. SMILE ichiban ii onna (The Girl with the best Smile)

Demo Tapes
2. uzumaki senshokutai / hatsukoi

Distributed CDs
1. hatsukoi
2. ame no hankagai
3. kirikiri
4. Shelly Tic Cafe
5. Aurora

Omnibus Albums
• Loop of Life IV
o 10. uzumaki senshokutai
• Shock Jam CD Ed. 4
• Cure Japanesque Rock Collectionz
o 5. hatsukoi
• Cross Gate 2004 ~Neo Locus~
o 10. 3P
• Shock Edge 2004
• Shock Wave CD the Select

Miku – vocals
Takuya – guitar
Bou – guitar
Teruki- Drums
Kanon- Bass

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