In this article you will find my top five holiday resorts inspired of my own travelling and several magazines! Enjoy my article


In the Latvian capital you will find everything you are looking for. If you want to shop, go to memorable places or experience some of the most marvellous restaurants in Europe, this is the right place for you. Old, young, senior citizens or families, anyone will find their own little paradise in Riga.


This photo was taken from the top of St. Peter's church and the picture shows the old section of Riga, very beautiful

The capital Riga is the highest on the top ten places, and there are many reasons why. Riga has an enormous culture life, and the attractions is huge and many. You can among others go to the popular Opera house which is a fabulous culture offer for everyone. Almost everything you can see and experience is cheap. It is expensive to travel to Riga, but it is very cheap to live and eat here.


Riga National Opera Company is one of the prides of the city, enjoying great prestige worldwide. The Opera Festival in June is the highlight of the year. The Opera House is also the venue for classic and modern ballet performances by the Latvian National Ballet.

#2. Puerto Rico

The lovely Puerto Rico is number two on my list, this is because Puerto Rico has many activities and you can do almost everything here. Puerto Rico has some of the best weather on Gran Canaria, it is about 20-23 degrees in the water all year around! The beautiful place is very popular to families. Even though the beach is not so big, it is clean and nice!


A very nice beach in Puerto Rico called Flamenco Beach

Along the harbour you can find a big selection of cafés and restaurants. Imagine sitting there at night eating a gorgeous meal, and looking out at the beautiful harbour. That’s sounds pretty nice, or what? If you want to pretend being home, you can go eat at Mc Donalds. Or maybe you want to enjoy a Guinness on a British pub while watching a football match? You also may take your friends with you on a hot headed club. The offers are huge!


Awesome sunset at the harbour in Puerto Rico. The place can also be very romantic

This is a picture of a very popular club in Puerto Rico. You can't miss this club if you're out with your girlfriends or out with the boys


Sharm El Sheik is number three on my top ten list. It is placed completely in south on the Sinay- Iceland. The ocean is The Red Sea, which is the most articulateness sea in the whole world. It is a home for many fishes, corals and other sea animals. This is therefore the reason Sharm itself is a little intact fish town.


Oh my gosh, I have never seen such marvellous place! Look how nice, romantice, peacefully, it's like heaven!

However you can find hotels, restaurants and stores in the modern Naama Bay only 6 kilometres further. The lovely holiday resort is often called "The Middle East Las Vegas". Still, Shark is not just famous for the casinos, the luxury hotels and outdoor life. But Sharm is the most beautiful underwater earth in the entire world.


I love this picture! It shows the Red Sea, and the fishes that are living there. Look how beautiful, it's like I want to live there myself!

#4.PRAGUE (Praha)

Prague is the fourth number on my top five, the place is very popular to people who wants to go to a memorable and “ones in a lifetime” experience. Praha is unquestionable one of Europe’s beautiful cities and is also erect on UNESCO’S list over many culture experiences, and the reasons are many.


Prague (Praha) the capital of the Czech Republic is one of the worlds most beautiful cities; since the 10th century and with it's mixed architecture it is a unique city. Here is a view taken from above, a one can even see a baloon which is used by some tourist to see it. It's a real jewel, unique and a must see for all.

To walk in Prague is an enormous adventure. The architecture is beautiful and old. You can visit many buildings and museums, which is placed perfectly in the sent rum of the town. Around Praha there are plenty of restaurants and pubs you can eat a delicious meal at, these are as well placed in the sent rum of the city.


St. Nicholas, a old beautiful church with the most incredible architecture.


Alanya is one of turkey’s biggest holiday city. Alanya has THE beaches, long with café’s on. You can pick of several beaches of your own chose. It is maybe not the city you will go to if you want to experience architecture or shop like in Praha, but still, the city is an amazing place for families.


The picture shows a medieval castle in the southern Turkish city of Alanya. Most of the castle were built in the 13th century under the Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm following the city's conquest in 1220 by Alaeddin Keykubad.

Restaurants, pubs and clubs whatever you want – Alanya got it! You can do a lot of different and exiting things here in Alanya. Every beach has activities you can attend. You can among other go on boat trips. It is cheap and everyone can join. The boat stops in several places so you can get to know the city better. The hotels are many, placed very close upon etch other. If you are going on a family trip, this is the right place for you!


One of the many boats, a very popular thing to do in Alanya. As you can se, the boat is full of people.

Hope you had a good time reading my article about my top five places to go. Sources I have used is;
my own travelling expericence

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