Emergency package


On Barack Obama’s first press conference after his insert as president, it was all about the financial crisis in America and how the world is in the middle of the crisis. With over 11 million unemployed American citizens the president is not wasting any time. Obama says that if the emergency package of 838 billion dollars is not adopted soon the financial crisis goes to a financial catastrophe.

Obama himself says the plan to cease the financial crisis is not perfect, but no plan is. His plan may not work as we hope but if he don’t do anything, the crisis will get worse. He used the city Elkhart, Indiana to show how bad the crisis is. In Elkhart the percent of unemployed citizens is 15,3 percents.

TV-stations have started giving directions to food-stations near different troubled states even though the food-stations don’t have enough food to feed all the unemployed citizens. Obama said that tax cuts alone will not help to solve this situation but the republicans want tax cuts instead of good investments for the future. On the end of this speech Obama said “We can’t sit back and watch the congress play this political game, the party is over” according to The New York Times.

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