Freaky Friday

The film is about a girl called Anna Coleman and her mother Tess Coleman. They change bodies and have to live eachothers lives in a week. it raise many problems and Tess and Anna think this is hard to work out.

Anna’s Best friends Maddie who is played by Christina Vidal, Peg who is played by Haley Hudson and Anna’s brother Harry Coleman who is played by Ryan Malgarini

The story begin when the family Coleman is take away to an other city.
There find Tess a man who fall in love with a man Mark Harmon who is playing Ryan. So Tess and ryan decide to get marry. Ryan removes into them in the new house. First day at school, anna fell in love with a boy at her school (Jake). At the afternoon Anna, Maddie, Peg, Ethan and Scott is playing in a band. Friday when they going outside on a dinner. Anna and Tess is beginning to discuss, one of those ho is working there give them a cake. They eat the cake and suddenly next day it’s happen something, that they have switch body’s.

At this link you will see a klip from the movie ;)


My openion about the movie:

I like this Film because it is fynny and very interesting. You will never be fed up about the movie.

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