Julie Charlotte


My name is Julie Sjøgren. I’m 18 years old, and live in Hollywood whit my Chihuahua Lulu. I work in the magazine See & Listen. I start working' here when I was 16 years old and I think the job is perfect for me. I can interview and write about so many different people and that’s perfect for me. My pay is not really good, but for about 1 1/2 year my pay will be good.

When I’m finish at work, I’ll go home and spend time with my lovely dog. At the afternoon I’ll do my homework, since I still have a couple of months again at school. Sometimes it’s so boring, I could quit at school just so I can get away from it. But sometimes, when I work with some thing interesting, it could be really fun. The reason I go to school, when I work full time is so I can get an edu’ cation so I can get this work in Norway too. And just so you know it, when I work all day, my dog stays with a very nice couple who loves dogs and have tree Chihuahuas from before, so I can work all day without feel guilty for leaving her alone all day.

Another thing I’m interesting in is movies. I’ve seen a hundreds of movies. I make movies by myself of my friends and family and my dogs. I have movies from all my vacations I’ve been to. Very nice! When I miss my parents in Norway, I look at movies of them. I keep the touch with my parents,my brother and sister trough the phone, e - mail and post card. Last time I saw they were when I took the flight from Tromsø for about 4 months ago. But I see them again when I go home for my summer vacation.

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