His real name is Uke Yutaka. He was born in Tokushima 1981 and he is 28 years old.

some unnecessary facts.

Blood Type: B.

Height: 172cm.

Weight: 55kg.

Colors: black, red, white, blue, silver, gold.

Hobbies: cooking, soccer, collecting Zippos.

Brand: Custom Culture.

Cigarette: Red Marlboro Box.

Family: Parents.

Animals: dog, tiger, alligator/crocodile.

Ring size: 19 - 21.

Favorite brand : Custom culture, Justin Davis and TENDERLOIN.

Favorite drink : apple juice.

Piercings: 2 left ear.

Favorite type: friendly.

Disliked type: a person who is hiding behind other people.

Previous Bands: Mareydi†Creia.

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