Hi you eager readers!
Welcome to my presentation site. My name is Nichole Jonson and I live in sunny California with my lovely boyfriend Peter. We met on high school and have been together since then, so I am a woman who strongly believes in love. I just became 24 years old in January. 6 years ago I graduated from media and communication school and this year I finally graduated from Journalist College here in California. It feels so great finally being done on school and really can focus on my work as a journalist.
In my spear time I do a lot of different things. I like to work out so almost every morning I go for a run in the park before I go to work, the energy I get from running is so fresh. It gets my mood on top. But my favorite thing to do on my spear have to be surfing, which I sadly don't get much time to and I can really call myself a bookworm. If I have the time I can read a book done in a day. That's one of the reasons I think is why I wanted to be a journalist, because the passion I have for writing and reading. One day I hope I can write a successful book, but till that day I stay in articles and stuff like that.

Hope you will enjoy my articles! Love Nichole.

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