Hair styles for spring 2009

Do you wonder how you should do your hair in spring 2009?
This year the hair styles are suppose to give attention. You have to dear to wear them. How you do your hair this spring has a lot to say, in 2009 it's not about the sunglasses or the make-up, but most how you do your hair or what’s on your hair. Your hair should be as big as you can get it (but still nice, we are not in the 80's), adventures and unique. You can experience as much as you want to, use your creativity. The best part is that you can make your own hair styles as long as they are special. And to copy celebrities won’t be so hard either. Get inspiration from magazines and televition.


It's no book answer how to do your hair this spring. And that is great! Now you can experiment as much as you want and still wear it out the door because it's a trend. How great isn’t that? It’s a trend to wear what you experiment on at home. Even if are going to look a little bit weird when someone comes with big and unusual hair styles it doesn’t matter! It’s a trend. Get noticed because of your hair. You can even wear some old baggy clothes and your special hair-do will save you. For you girls who enjoy big partyes where they can do their hair even more glamour’s then usual it's your time. In with the hairspray, curling tang and crepe tang. The curls will look better the bigger they are. Curly hair is a huge comeback; it looks as good on long hair as on short hair. And don't forget that there is many different ways to curl your hair. Don’t be afraid, let your hair live! Also, accessories to your hair are super hot like a bow or flower. Anything! Spring 2009 is all about experimenting, let’s have some fun.


For boys the hair-do is quite opposite. The hair should lie pretty flat, when it comes to the front, but for the backside they can do pretty much as they like.

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