Loop Ash

Loop Ash (ループアッシュ, Rūpu Asshu?, sometimes typeset as L∞p Ash to fit the logo) is a Japanese independent record label for "Visual" style bands, headed by Michiru. Michiru has also been involved as a bassist in a number of different bands, such as L'yse:nore, Aioria, S to M and Mask. Loop Ash is best known for being the record label of the popular Oshare Kei band, Antic Cafe. Recently, Loop Ash has signed Lolita23q, formerly of Speed Disk.


* Antic Cafe
* -Oz-
* Mello
* Neu (ex-Heart)
* Lolita23q (Shoujo Lolita23q)

*Info where aquired at Loop_Ash

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