About me


Hi! Welcome to Kimberly's S&L website. This is my very first webpage, so be nice!
My name is Kimberly Smith and I live in USA with my boyfriend Nathan. I originally come from Norway, but since the day I decided to become a journalist I moved from Oslo to California. Here have I taken my education at School of Media journalist, and I graduated a year ago. Now, I am a journalist for See & Listen, and I love it.


Me and my boyfriend Nathan. Picture is taken when we were young, I dont have brown hair anymore. I'm a readhead!


Me and my friends graduating from school! Tears are falling,yes!

During my spare time, I enjoy playing football and volleyball at the Laguna beach, since I live a few minutes from the beach it has become one of my favourite places in Cali. I also like to shop with my friends, and I don't say no to a glass of wine with my favourite boy. I love to meet new people and to visit new places. That's one of my benefits being a journalist - I can travel whenever it comes a opportunity!

This is my favourite beach in California, Laguna Beach

Hope you enjoy my articles, and find it usefull. See ya! love Kim. :-)

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