Mikael Karlsen

Hi and welcome!


My name is Mikael Karlsen. I am 17 years old and I come from Tromsø in Norway.
I moved out from my house and from my family when I was 16 years old, because
I should start to be a reporter for the magazine, See and Listen.

In my spear time I drive ski most of the time and hang with my friends. For just a few years
ago we start to ski seriously, and I buy a HD-videocamera. I did buy that camera because we film us
through the hole season. So when the winter is over and we are done with the filming, I start
to edit a ski-movie from the season.
It cost to do this sport. You will need a camera and a lot of extra things to it. You will also need
much of money to lights and stuff like that, money if you are going to a compentition arround the world etc. PS: If you will follow me and my crew through the winter, you can see pictures and videos off us at this page, [http://www.freshfilms.blogg.no].

So this job is so perfect for me and I hope you will enjoy my article!

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