Ski -twintip

Twintip is a sport, and the skis you use has tup in both ends. The last year’s twintip has become very popular for both boys and girls. There are many competitions arrangement inside this sport.
If you have a talent inside this sport, and are a nice boy or a girl. You can try to send a film of your self into some labour you like. And if they like you and your talent on the skis, maybe they will sponsor you.

The people, who drive twintip, drive with very big clothes so it will be baggy. You don’t need to buy new shoes, just new skis, called twintip. When you begin to ski on twintip, it is better to have smaller skis because it will be easier to do tricks. But after time when you start to feel well, you can buy you longer skis. The price is almost the same as ordinary slalom skis.

When you are skiing, you can go up big mountains and drive down. You can also build big jumps up there. Sometimes I go to the slalom slopes, there they have ski lifts and finished jumps. When we jump on these jumps, we do tricks in the air. Like backflipps, frontflipps, 360, 540 with grabs etc.

The most of the people are not just and ride in the big mountain and in the slalom slopes. Instead to be there all the time, we go into the city to shoots hand-rails. It is very scary to jump up to these rails, because the rail is so narrow. And when you are come up to it, then you should glide down the whole hand-rail. If you are so unlucky to fall off this rail, it is a big chance that you have hurt you very bad.
So I will recommend you all people to use back-plate and a helm!

Twintip is a ski sport. It have tup in both ends. Twintip is very popular, they people who drive it, have very baggy clothes. Maybe someone will sponsor you, if they like you as a person and your ski-talent. You can go up to the mountain and drive down, and you can go to the slalom slopes there they have ski lift and a smooth park. The most of the people are sometimes in the city to shoot hand-rails, but always use helm! For your own security.


Here is a little movie from the crew 4bi9Media when they was in Park City.
To right here you can see me when I was in the city with my friends to shooting
one hand-rail. ->
ENJOY and hope you like my article!

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