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The GazettE is a Japanese visual kei- band that mixes rock and metal with pop and a bit hip-hop. The GazettE where started in 2002 by Ruki, Reita, Aoi, Uruha and Yune. Then the name was Gazette but after a year when Yune leaved the band and Kai took his plase, they changed the name to The GazettE. today their members are Ruki (Vokal), Aoi (Lead Guitar), Uruha (Lead Guitar), Reita (Basist) and Kai (Drums) from .

They have Two lead guitarist but both arent playing all the time, they switch on playing solos or they compleates each others solos. Rest of The time they both plays.


2003- Cockayne
2003- Akuyuukai
2003- Spermargarita
2003- Hankou Seimeibun
2004- Madara
2004- Disorder
2005- Gama
2006- Nil
2006- Dainihon Itangeishateki Noumiso Gyaku Kaiten Zekkyou Ongenshuu
2007- Stacked Rubbish


2002- Wakaremichi
2002- Kichiku Kyoushi no Nousatsu Kouza
2003- Gozen 0-ji no Trauma Radio
2004- Zakurogata no Yuuutsu
2004- Zetsu
2004- Miseinen
2005- Reila
2005- Dainippon Itangeishateki Noumiso Chuzuri Zecchou Zekkei Ongen Shuu
2005- Cassis
2006- Regret
2006- Filth in the Beauty
2007- Hyena
2008- Guren
2008- Leech

and coming this year in March 25: Distress and Coma.

The GazettE with Regret (Live)

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