His real name is Takashima Kouyou and he was born in Kanagawa 1981, and he is 28 years old.

some unnecessary facts.

Blood Type: O.

Height: 177cm.

Weight: 62kg.

Colors: purple, grey.

Hobbies: billiard, pachinko, bowling, soccer.

Brand: PPFM, Dokomo.

Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol Light.

Family: Parents, two older sisters.

Animals: dog, polar bear, penguin, domestic duck.

Ring size: 19.

Favorite brand: PPFM ,CHROME HEARTS, Rude gallery.

Perfume: Gucci Rushes, Bvlgari.

Piercings: 4 right ear, 5 left ear.

Favorite type: gentle, mature.

Previous Bands: Karasu, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose.

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